About us

Energy Intelligence Systems, S.L (ENERGINTEL onwards), founded by 4 entrepreneurs is an ambitious high-tech company focusing on ICT energy services.

Our social purpose can be summarized as:

  • Any service related to the improvement, efficiency and energy sustainability of third parties
  • IT consultancy activities
  • Research, development and sale of all types of software services and tools
  • Provision, contracting, subcontracting, elaboration, development, control and execution of all ICT services
  • Exporting, importing and commercialization of telecommunications equipment

Our goal now is to become a global market leader in providing an efficient way to understand energy consumptions.

Our main product is able to give clear and comprehensible information from energy bills and personalized recommendations to reduce consumptions and manage to reduce up to 25 % household energy consumptions.

Key concepts to take into account in our solution are:

  • Encourage Transparency with customers, we communicate how you consume.
  • Personalized advice, identifying areas of improvement of consumption, on which they can act, promoting customer satisfaction.
  • Innovative and differential solution, looking for the relevance of the messages to generate for the consumers.
  • Enrichment of consumer messages with new data sources external to the utilities.
  • Intensive search of the response or feedback of the clients, to be able to personalize and adapt the messages to provide them, involving them in their consumption and understanding their behaviors.
  • Dynamic system with continuous improvement processes based on consumer responses, and where it will be very important to measure how much the company saves and manage based on it.
  • Market intelligence tool for utilities, allowing a better knowledge of its customers and the detection of commercial opportunities

Nowadays, we are working with some European Utilities and we have commercial plans for extending us to other countries in other continents.



We are not different from you. We believe in a responsible and transparent use of energy. We offer you an easy way to take control of your energy consumption, in plain language, with no small print and above all an space where you can share and gain knowledge for a more informed use of your energy.

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ENERGYMATE: Experimental development for an application that provides the user with their electricity consumption in natural language format and suggests opportunities to adapt their behavior to the prices of the electricity schedule.

With the main objective of:

“Provide customers with relevant information about their electricity consumption habits through the use of natural language, in an innovative service, being able to be different and thus seeking, loyalty and strengthening relationships with them”




WELDINGMATE: Solución software capaz de efectuar el seguimiento de las actividades de soldadura que se llevan a cabo sobre los equipos.

With the main objective of:

“Llevar a cabo trazabilidad de los procedimientos de soldadura, desde los materiales utilizados, pasando por los soldadores implicados y los procesos que son llevados a cabo, hasta la trazabilidad de los ensayos no destructivos realizados sobre las soldaduras y los equipos (inspección visual, líquidos penetrantes, inspección de partículas magnéticas, ultrasonidos…)”


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Plataforma de Big Data con aplicación de modelos de Inteligencia Artificial para la desagregación de consumos eléctricos, a partir de series temporales de contadores eléctricos de alta frecuencia en entornos de Industria 4.0.

With the main objective of:

“Obtener una gran cantidad de datos (Big Data) de consumos eléctricos a través de contadores eléctricos de alta frecuencia y utilizarlos desagregándolos, aplicando las técnicas de Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring – NILM para generar unos modelos basados en Inteligencia Artificial evaluando su resultado, tanto para la detección de elementos de consumo como para la conexión/desconexión de estos (arranque y parada)”




Plataforma de movilidad para los gestores de producción y calidad en taller: Registro y visualización del estado de actividad y avance, sistema de alertas y registro de incidencias.

With the main objective of:

“Definir una innovación empresarial y tecnológica estrechamente vinculada a la situación actual en los sistemas de producción de transformación del sector metal, a través del desarrollo de tecnología para el control de la producción”




  • Madrid Office

    Paseo de la Castellana, 120
    Planta 8ª 28046.
    Madrid, Spain

  • Asturias Office

    Plaza de Camposagrado,
    Planta 3, Oficina 1. 33401
    Avilés, Asturias, Spain
    Tel: +34 609071743

  • Andalusian Office

    Parque Tecnológico CEEI,
    Calle Manantial, 13. 11500
    El Pto. Sta. Mª, Cádiz, Spain
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